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Let your customers instantly browse your restaurant’s menu
by simply scanning a QR code. No App needed.

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About #Restaurants

A Simple Yet Modern and Hygienic Solution
for the 21st Century Restaurants!

If you are in the food and hospitality business, some strict measures are needed to run and operate a restaurant business in 2020.
Hygiene versus the COVID-19 pandemic!

#Restaurants is an end to end, fully customizable and scalable cloud-based application built for restaurants to take their restaurant operations online. We’re offering FREE and easy-to-use, scannable QR code menus to help you revive your restaurant business through the COVID-19 pandemic.

#Restaurants Features


#Restaurants Features


#Restaurants Features


Contactless Menu Features

  • Easy Menu Creation
  • Your Brand, Your Colors
  • QR Code Download to SVG-PNG-PDF
  • One-Click Product Availability Update

And yes, you do not need to know anything about web design –
we’ve got you covered for EVERYTHING!

With #Restaurants contactless menus, let your customers browse through your menu via QR Code scans – without any physical contact with anyone!

#Restaurants supports different business models including cafes, restaurants, hotels, fresh produce, etc. allowing them to convert their offline menus to digital and online version within 24 hours.

Register your business with #Restaurants today to upload your restaurant’s menu – FREE OF COST.

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#Restaurants Contactless Menu

How It Works

  1. Place your QR code in your restaurant that goes with your restaurant’s brand. A sticker on each table, a stand near the order counter, or whatever you prefer. It’s entirely up to you.
  2. The customer simply scans the QR code using their smartphone camera and is able to browse your menu online without downloading any app.

#Restaurants Contactless Menu Benefits

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Hygienic Solution
against COVID-19

Operation Costs

Reduce Waiting Time
for Customers

Brand Promotion
& Recognition

Your Restaurant’s
Digitalized Menus


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