5 Reasons To Use Pay-at-the-Table Technology in Your Restaurant!

Published on March 28, 2021
5 Reasons To Use Pay-at-the-Table Technology in Your Restaurant!

In a recent survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association, it was concluded that the use of cutting-edge technology can enhance the dining experience for customers. This increase in customer satisfaction vice-versa tech-adoption is a result due to the growing need for personalization for modern-day consumers. Out of all the technologies that are beneficial for the hospitality industry, Pay-at-the-table is the most impactful as they benefit both customers & businesses.

As decades have passed, restaurants have had to make considerable upgrades to keep up with modern disruptive forms of technology. This is done to stay afloat and ahead of the rest of the competition. Now as technological disruption becomes more commonplace, restaurants have to evolve faster and adopt new technologies into their day-to-day operations faster than ever before.

Hence here we dig deep into the technology you need to have in your restaurant; PATT or better known as, Pay-at-the-table. We do this, to find out if adopting this form of technology would be right for your restaurant or not!

What is PATT Technology?

Before we dive into the benefits and capabilities of PATT technology, we first must understand what Pay-at-the-table technology is. As the name suggests, PATT means any form of a tech-driven solution that allows customers to make payments on their table inside the restaurant premise at ease. Hence it is a piece of technology that integrates with your Restaurant Management System, POS, and a payment gateway to create a cohesive architecture of convenience.

Top 5 Reasons You Need To Use Pay-at-the-table Technology!

Now that we gained an understanding of what PATT (Pay-at-the-table) technology is, we look at the benefits of utilizing it for restaurants. Here we have the top five benefits for both restaurants and customers that is unlocked when you adopt PATT;

#1 Increased Operational Effectiveness & Efficiency

A good PATT solution will seamlessly integrate itself with your existing POS software to provide a stellar customer experience. By integrating this technology, you increase your establishment’s order fulfillment capability and serve your customers more effectively. At the same time, you also increase your capacity to serve more customers efficiently, as it reduces processing time and hastens the turnaround time for each table. Here are a few points to highlighting their benefits;

  • Highly mobile, due to WiFi and 4G connectivity.
  • Easy to use, manage, and execute directly from the table.
  • Simplified UI, allows customers to split bills and add tips.
  • Fully digital processing can create both e-receipts or paper receipts with built-in printers.

#2 A Better Customer Experience

The adoption of PATT technology has tremendous benefits for not only the restaurant but also the customers. The ease of use that is provided by such a system is unparalleled to any other, along with the fact that in the post-pandemic world, lesser human contact is a huge upside in the hospitality industry. One fundamental factor that increases customer satisfaction is higher customer engagement due to this technology. The modern-consumer loves to interact with technology, as much as 40% of everyday customers said that an increase in technology within restaurants is something that they enjoy.

Another factor that makes PATT such a blessing for creating a better customer experience is the convenience that it offers. The dining experience is completely reimagined with PATT, as you’re no longer restricted by flimsy logs, human errors, delay, and a whole host of other issues. With PATT, settling your bill at your favorite restaurant is as easy as scanning a barcode.

#3 Higher Customer Satisfaction

PATT solutions go a long way in creating an operational environment that increases customer satisfaction. It allows for restaurants to keep tabs on how a customer is being serviced and can optimize their operations to increase customer satisfaction. Along with an integrated restaurant management system, you can seamlessly offer many additional perks to your customers as an on-demand review system. By preempting any bad reviews you might get, and being forthcoming with your customers along providing them a seamless dining experience you can cultivate brand loyalty among your customers.

#4 Allows You To Create Your Own Marketing Database

Pay-at-the-table technology allows you access to get significant client data through various screen prompts all through the checkout cycle. This insightful data can be utilized to communicate any deals or advancements going on in your business to your clients. It likewise empowers you to showcase all the more viable to your clients later on. Here are a few benefits of building your marketing database with your PATT system;

  • Collect customer email addresses to build a database
  • Develop customer profiles, including their menu preferences
  • Create intelligent & effective marketing campaigns/promos

#5 Enhanced User Security

One of the most brilliant reasons to adopt a PATT system for your restaurant is that it provides you unparalleled levels of security. Any system is only as strong as its weakest link, and the weakest link in the traditional billing system is its human aspect. The PATT completely eliminates this aspect and instead gives you a strong system that is protected through robust encryption and layers of protection. Hence making the restaurants and customers feel safe and sound about their respective money.

In Conclusion

PATT or Pay-at-the-table is a cutting edge technology that modern-day restaurants can’t do without. The need of adoption of such technologies has only been hastened by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged the year before. Hence restaurants mustn’t make the mistake of sitting on the fence, and go ahead the future by incorporating PATT systems into their billing process.

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