6 Ways Personalised Food Delivery Apps Have Revolutionized Hospitality!

Published on November 21, 2020
6 Ways Personalised Food Delivery Apps Have Revolutionized Hospitality!

The world today has become increasingly more mobile-centric over the past decade. According to one of the most recent surveys conducted by the United States National Restaurant Association, mobile online food ordering apps will grow by a whopping 9.3% to reach a market volume of $13,490 Million.

While this number might seem gargantuan if we look at the recent estimates of how during the COVID19 pandemic, 95% of restaurants saw a direct increase in their online food delivery goes to show how prevalent they have already become. Ergo, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that food ordering apps have arrived on the scene!

Online Food Ordering Apps: A Tectonic Shift In The Hospitality Industry

Mobile hand-held devices account for nearly 51% of the internet traffic generated around the globe. Mobile apps are the prime method of allowing your customers to interact with your restaurant via their mobile smartphones. The user is no longer tethered to one place due to the physical constraints of the computer. As smartphones have liberated them.

Hence here are the top six ways online food ordering apps have revolutionized the hospitality industry:

#1 Online Food Ordering Apps Have Increased Consumer Convenience: Anywhere & Anytime!

The first revolution that online food delivery apps brought with them were the increased levels of convenience for customers. Now a consumer could be anywhere and he or she could place a requisition of a food item of their choice without any hassle.

Mobile apps have allowed users to pick and choose from a large selection of cuisines. While you can pay via their preferred payment method, and get orderings delivered directly to their doorstep in minutes.

Restaurants can increase their overall sales & revenue by being able to reach a much wider range of potential customers. At the same time, customers also get the chance to browse more restaurants with added special benefits such as offers, discounts, etc.

#2 Delivery Apps Have Exponentially Increased A Restaurant’s Reach!

Online food ordering apps, may it be your own or third-party aggregators, have been a great tool. These platforms have enabled restaurants to tap into a much larger number of potential customers than it would have been earlier possible.

As geographic positioning and internet connectivity become more prevalent, direct doorstep deliveries became more commonplace. This increased convenience has worked in the interest of both the customers and restaurants alike.

Restaurants are geographic businesses. Hence, it is difficult for them to reach a wider audience beyond their area. With the advent of mobile app-based online food ordering, the distance between new potential customers and restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. has drastically reduced.

#3 Mobile Apps Have Become An Independent Engine For Growth

Now restaurants are no longer tethered to factors such as location, size, dining capabilities, etc. to increase their sales. With food delivery and ordering apps, you can have restaurants that defy all traditional notions of the hospitality industry.

A stellar example of this idea has to be the newly emerging concept of “Cloud Kitchen”. In this new-age business model, the restaurant doesn’t have a fixed dining location, rather it just has a fully online web and mobile app-based presence and a centralized kitchen.

Empowered with mobile apps, restaurants are breaking barriers of the hospitality industry that were thought to be unbreakable. Mobile apps have truly become an integral part of a restaurant’s independent growth.

#4 Online Food Ordering Apps Have Allowed Restaurants To Have Greater Control Over Their Revenue Streams

Personalized online food ordering apps and ordering apps have given restaurants the freedom to focus on their business. Now they aren’t running the danger of going without any new customers as a mobile app with a strategic loyalty program facilitates repeat orders.

Having your mobile ordering app also allows you to steer clear of the deceptive third-party delivery aggregation apps like DoorDash, PostMates, UberEATS, etc.

While these third-party apps initially are lucrative but in the long term they are disastrous. As they charge ridiculous charges, cesses, etc., that take over your revenue stream.

#5 Enabled Better Accuracy In Order Delivery & Management

Mobile app-based online food ordering and delivery have allowed greeted synergy in the ordering management process. Back in the early days of remote ordering, you had to pick-up your phone and dial the number of one of the finite restaurants in your vicinity to place your order.

Now more often than not, the person taking your order took it wrong and you had to deal with the mess afterward. With the advent of mobile apps, this entire process of ordering was automated.

Remotely ordering and paying for your food went from a hellish nightmare to a heavenly dream. As of now you could browse, select, customize, and pay for your order without having to interact with a human.

#6 Digitized Supply Chain Management

Online food ordering apps have also hastened the transition of supply chain management to move towards a digital future. With the integration of online restaurant management systems, POS platforms, and mobile applications, along with online payment gateways.

The entire process of procuring, managing, ordering, preparing, and delivering food is slowly but systematically moving towards full digitization. As a result of this increased efficiency. Restaurants can cut down on their overhead costs, rightsize their staff, and micro-manage their menus to perfection.

In Conclusion

The world is moving towards an even more interconnected future than what we experience today. To not only survive but thrive in such an environment. You need to take your restaurant to the next level by anticipating, preparing to embrace the change. Change that new and emerging technologies will bring to the hospitality industry.

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